Journey of the Legendary Crystal Khalei Wiki

The beginning of Gem. Co. rise to power.

This is a story story that follows a young girl named Samantha Baker and shortly after, a young boy named Sixxe, followed by the introduction of Gheist.

Samantha and group of fellow students were among the first know to actually swallow Khalei crystals. After many of her friends died in a battle, she became a test subject for a famous scientist, being the last one remaining. She lived close by to him for a number of years while Sixxe was actually living with him. She got to know Sixxe, who at the time had yet to discover his true potential. During that time, Gem. Co. had plans of their own for Samantha.

After Sixxe met a young oracle named Annie who had collapsed form fatigue of time travel, she convinced him to help her stop Gem Co. by altering events in time. One mistake after another Annie oddly could not predict properly and they realized Gem Co. had set its sights on a new target. A young girl named Ghiest who didn’t belong in the time period she was in and was a Cia with a very unique ability that would spell disaster if misused.

Due to the enigma of a Cia all Annie and Sixxe could do was protect Gheist by protecting what goes on around her, in her future, and in her past..