Journey of the Legendary Crystal Khalei Wiki


Greel is a self proclaimed musical genius. He leads a very popular rock music club at Nanako High School called Happy Metal, and is very popular with the ladies. He spends his time outside of class chatting with his female fans and practicing his guitar. He often times carries his guitar on his back in a protective guitar backpack.

With some inspirations in mind for some new songs, he begins looking for new female talent to play the rhythm parts for guitar. He finds it a troubling task as many people and fans just want to try to play just as a method to get close to him.

He is eventually approached by Maiko who has already been seriously practicing, and is serious about playing. After Maiko tells him her story of how she wants to have a top performance at an upcoming talent show to beat Luma, he helps her get better.

During their time practicing, he becomes attracted to Maiko and her devotion to accomplishing her goal of beating Luma. He was way too embarrassed to tell Maiko because he views her as such a nerdy girl.

With the addition of Maiko, Happy Metal went on to perform in shows outside of school.

After one of the performances, he arrives too late to find Maiko's body nearly destroyed from Khalei overflow after saving a young girl named Gheist.

Greel kept Maiko’s guitar in memory of her.

He later met a young woman named Charity who had attended all of his local shows. He noticed her from the crowd because instead of cheering like the fans, she often times was looking puzzled or staring off into the distance in the front row.

After one of the shows she mentioned she seems strangely drawn into the sound of his music. She reminded him so much of Maiko he gave her Maiko’s old guitar. Even though she said she hadn’t played guitar before, she strangely knew how to play all of his old songs he did with Maiko back when they were in school.

On a hunch, Greel stayed up all night telling Charity all about Maiko, and invited Charity to join his band after she was finished discovering her true self.