Here you can view the Characters bio's of each character in the Ralamar Kingdom.

Amp A female member of Tempo's and Wave's gang.

Annie A Oracle that sees the future and travel to change time.

Charity A Cyborg having almost no memory of her past.

Chris Mayoiku He is a brother to one character and a love interest to many others.

Gheist Yukarimori The main Character of JLCK.

Ginger LaShay A mysteries girl that walks in the Strip Club.

Luma Saiyumi Maiko's main rival in school, the most popular girl.

Maiko Umiya One of the main Characters of the game Umichan.

Namia Mayoiku A Stripper from a Strip Club with a mysteries dark past.

Pattie Patterson A student in the same class as Maiko.

Riley Toymiue One of the main characters of the game Umichan.

Sixxe A Cia that is always helping Annie and have more experience than Annie.

Suida Whalley A girl that speaks a different language, have the power to control Dragons.

Tempo Female gangster after Gem. Co.

Wave Female gangster after Gem. Co.