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Welcome to Journey of the Legendary Crystal Khalei Wiki! This is a wiki for a game as JLCK by the author Vortex00. It's a game still in development. About a girl with special powers that makes a source of energy known as Khalei Crystals. Where she runs for her life from hunters known as the Shade Knights. That work for Gem. Co. More information will be put in the future. For know check out the site at


The fact that what Vortex00 is making is a big storyline for JLCK. He have decided to put JLCK on hold to explain the world of JLCK. He have so far 4 project on the line and 1 spin off.

Projects of JLCK Universe:

Crystal Hunters The beginning of Gem. Co. rise to power.

Ralamar Elements Takes place after Crystal Hunters and a side story to the rest of JLCK.

Umichan A intro to the world of JLCK in the eyes of two students in high school.

Daughter of Eve A spin off at the same timeline of Umichan.

You can also view the Characters bio's in the JLCK Universe Biography

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Nanako High School

Nanako Mall

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Shade Knights



Khalei Crystals

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